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A tradition stemming from generations of professionals

Our history

Lawyers since 1924. The Law Firm of attorneys Maltoni has a tradition stemming from several generations of professionals. The legal practice first started with attorney Oreste Maltoni (1900 – 1985) in 1924; the current Firm was established in Milan in the early 1950s by attorney Giovanni Battista (Gianni) Maltoni (1927 – 2009) and continued over the years until the current Professional Partnership was set up in 1993 by Atty Gianni Maltoni together with attorneys Andrea Maltoni and Alberto Maltoni.

Our Firm has gained in-depth expertise and has gradually developed its structure and services as the needs and the constantly changing legislation evolved.

Today, besides the founding partners, Alberto and Andrea Maltoni, experienced in-house and outside professionals are part of our Firm. They focus mainly on individual relevant practice areas, including the macro areas of civil law, administrative law and criminal law – if necessary, also in synergy with tax and labour consultants either from the Firm or appointed and trusted by clients.

This multidisciplinary approach guarantees that assistance is provided in distinct areas of law, however without failing to ensure appropriate coordination and overall management. This makes it possible to offer unified assistance, albeit with different specialisations, within our professional firm in the frequent cases that involve several areas of law at the same time.

The Firm’s size and established tradition make it possible to have ongoing relationships with our clients, even after years, and to maintain information and direct relationships with clients in order to understand their way of working, purposes and guiding principles – for the ultimate goal of better meeting their needs and ensuring success.

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